She is Fong Min Liao


fong5 fong6 fong2 fong3 fong4 fong7 fong8 fong9

Acrylic on canvas, various sizes


Fong Min Liao is a Chinese American artist, born in San Francisco and currently living in Los Angeles. Her interests range from psychology, emotional intelligence to beauty in its essential and simplest forms. She takes her understanding of nature and humanity as references for her work which extends to painting and drawing in multimedia.



Here is my vulnerability, in a world that tends to be loud and harsh, I would rather keep my quiet and softness.

My work celebrates the art of love. I see love as a collaborative work of art, both with an individual and with the self. It is an aesthetic experience. It requires communication and discipline, involving both pleasure and pain. A sort of contradiction, a balance we all seek and desire. Embracing my femininity and immersing myself into an intimate and vulnerable mood is my process.

I keep my artworks untitled because they are an extension of myself and the very essence of who I am. It is a feeling that cannot be limited to a name, but rather experienced. My desire is to communicate with the viewer through emotive visual forms and an intuitive color palette. To tap into the subconscious with the understanding of beauty in its essential and simplest forms.

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